To the extent that urban structures constantly reproduce themselves in multiple ways, so does perception change as well as the visibility of urban phenomena.
Thus the development of urban photography always exhibits parallels with urban planning and development. It is in this field of tension that I seek to photographically capture the themes and concepts of the city in formed and lived urban space, here and now.

Garden City | Urban Landscape
Functional City | Patchwork City
Region as City | Network City
Tessuto Urbano | City as Collective Memory
Urban Regeneration | Urban Renewal
Urban Design | Architecture of the City
Genius Loci | Place and Atmospheres
Situational Urbanism | Performative Urbanism
Mobile City | Sustainable City
Social Housing | Lifestyle Urbanism
Pleasure City | City of Perfection
City as Image | Urban Icon
New Towns | New Capitalist City
Territory City | City as Prize
The Myth of Metropolis | The Myth of Megacity
* topics of the exhibition MULTIPLE CITY

2008 / in progress
publication, exhibition: MULTIPLE CITY. CITY CONCEPTS 1908/2008
in Architecture Museum of the TU, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich